Dance of the Dead

IMDb 5.8 87 min
Comedy, Horror
Carissa Capobianco, Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick, Chandler Darby, Randy McDowell, Michael Mammoliti, Mark Lynch, Justin Welborn
Gregg Bishop
United States
8.8 / 59 times
On the day of the Hawaiian Hula Prom, the high-school students are excited about the party. Pizza-boy Jimmy Dunn has an argument with his girlfriend Lindsey, who is the vice-president of the student council and wants to wear a corsage, and so she calls off their date. Steven, who is one of the members of the mocked Sci-Fi Club, invites cheerleader Gwen to go to the prom with him, who in turn invites the leader of the band 'Quarter Punks' Nash Rambler, but he rejects her invitation. Lindsey ends up with snobbish Mitch Cutter, the president of the student council, and he heads his car to the local cemetery nearby a power plant to make out with Lindsey. Meanwhile the members of the Sci-Fi Club - Jules Reiner, Steven, George and Rod - decide to spend the night investigating the cemetery using a MIT device that Jules borrowed from his brother. Out of the blue, Rod is attacked by a zombie and the trio of survivors run away from a legion of living dead. Meanwhile, Mitch is attacked and Lindsey drives off in his car to escape of zombies. She rescues Jules, Steven and George and break in the funeral house. Meanwhile, Jimmy is delivering a pizza and is also attacked by zombies. He flees and bumps into Kyle Grubbin and Gwen. The Quarter Punks is rehearsing in Nash's garage and they discover that the zombies like their music. The three groups team-up under the leadership of Coach Keel and together they decide to help the teenagers in the prom. But it may be too late.